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Hi, I'm Shea...

American artist Shea Winter Roggio is a portrait, documentary, travel and fine art photographer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Shea graduated from the University of the Arts in 2005. He is also an alumni of the Eddie Adams Workshop and the Center for Emerging Visual Artists. His formal training allowed him to develop a passion for photography, while honing his skills and sharpening his eye for beauty and details.

Shea was one of the founding members of the photography powerhouse Wonderful Machine, a production agency now with a network of 600 photographers in 44 countries. More recently Shea was the Head of Photography for Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging (DEI), a souvenir photography company based in Dubai, UAE, with offices in 16 countries.

He is a member of the American Society of Media photographers and recently had photographs showcased on the social media accounts of National Geographic Your Shot, National Geographic Traveller UK and Canon Asia. His work was also selected for the Lenscratch Better Days Exhibition and The Photo Review Online Galleries, while his fine art photography prints are featured on WinterMuseo.com.

Among his distinguished clients are ABC News, the Red Cross, Warner Bros. Studios, The New York Times, The New York Observer, Philadelphia Magazine, Drexel University, and the Marriott Hotels and Resorts.

Famous subjects photographed by Shea include Bradley Cooper, Georgina Chapman, Ethan Hawke, Jay Wright, Danny Bonaduce, Rescue Ink and three of our recent Presidents: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

Shea has been deeply involved on a humanitarian level since leaving UARTS. His assignments with non-profit organizations have taken him to Moldova, Romania, Guatemala, Uganda, and Argentina. He loves traveling and creating art that can be helpful for humanitarian purposes. During his free time, Shea also volunteers as a crisis counselor with the Crisis Text Line, helping people navigate through tough personal circumstances.

Get in touch with Shea to learn more about his work and how he can assist you with your photography needs.
Shea Winter Roggio Travel Photographer
National Geographic Your Shot Photographer Shea Winter Roggio