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Are Photographs a NFT?

Cyberpunk processed image of Seoul, South Korea, sold as an NFT.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the photography community today is… Are photographs a NFT? The answer is a short, three letter word, YES.

While the popular trend of selling digital assets, a non-fungible token, has taken the world by storm recently with mostly animated art or illustrations, there is certainly no question that photography is and will be a popular NFT to buy and trade one day soon.

First you need to consider what exactly is a non-fungible token. They can represent almost anything, for example a song, a photograph, a video, an audio file or any other type of digital files. Like a limited edition fine art print or painting, NFTs can be bought, collected, displayed and traded. 

Now that you have a little background about non-fungible tokens, you’re asking yourself, how do I present myself and my artwork to the world.

If you’re a photographer, here are 7 great tips to get your photos to collectors as an NFT:

  1. Create unique and inventive imagery
  2. Add digital elements to your photos to make them stand out
  3. Sign up with a NFT Art Gallery to showcase your work
  4. Set the price and edition for your NFT
  5. Mint your first NFT (considering minting like printing)
  6. Tell the world your work is available – social media and beyond
  7. Sit back, grab a back of popcorn, and enjoy the experience

I’ve been lucky enough to be a founding member and curator for Bullish Art (https://bullishart.com), an online NFT art gallery that curates the works of talented contemporary artists from around the world.

The platform aims to help collectors and artists on the blockchain and guide them on how best to use these technologies that are usually quite difficult to approach.  In simplicity, Bullish Art allows users to purchase artwork they love with BART tokens, Tezos or Paypal. 

The benefit is through the platform artist are able to learn, share their art, reach a wide public audience, as well as gain a financial return in a secured way. The artist him/herself always sets the price and the number of editions of their artwork.

Interested in learning more? Follow me on instagram @sheawinterphoto and direct message me.

Below I’m sharing one of my first NFTs ever minted, CyberPunk Seoul, 2021, with a description to follow.

Inspired by Neon noir films like Blade Runner and Blue Velvet, who use grim urban settings as a character in itself along with a muted color pallet that is composted of noir lighting with neon, this image was created in the busy night life of Seoul, South Korea, processed with a cyberpunk vision and animated to give a feeling of expressionistic use of architecture. (love run on sentences).

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