Danny Bonaduce for Philadelphia Magazine Image by "Shea Roggio"/

Danny Bonaduce | Philadelphia Magazine

American actor, comedian, radio & tv personality Danny Bonaduce had recently returned to his hometown of Philadelphia after receiving a morning drive contract with 94WYSP when I got the call to photograph him for Philadelphia Magazine. Danny is hands down the hardest working subject I’ve ever captured in camera and delivered over and over again for every picture. Here are a few selects including him… Read More »Danny Bonaduce | Philadelphia Magazine

Gypsy Village Romania by Shea Winter

Gypsy Village | Romania

Romani people (Roma or “Gypsies”) make up around 3% of the population of Romania. These images were shot inside one Roma village while working with Ovidiu Rom, a non-profit organization based in Bucharest who’s mission is to mobilize public and private resources to ensure quality early education is available to Romania’s poorest children.

Village of PanaJab - Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, in October, 2005 after Hurrican Stan

Village of Panajab | Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

The village of Panajab on the coast of Lake Atitlan, Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala after Hurricane Stan poured torrential rain, saturating the slopes of the nearby volcano and triggering a landslide 4km long by 12m deep, burying people and their homes. These photographs were taken in the aftermath showing the destruction of the landslide and resolve of the locals. .