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Canon Camera Accessories

Canon Camera Accessories – What is in my Bag?

My Canon Accessories I’ve been using Canon camera gear from the time that I purchased my first Canon DSLR before college. Since then, I’ve moved through at least a half dozen of Canon’s digital cameras as technology advanced, most recently transitioning into the Canon mirrorless bodies. I’ve always held an “evolve or die” philosophy. That is why I was an early adopter of the digital… Read More »Canon Camera Accessories – What is in my Bag?

Nat Geo Your Shot Feature

Nat Geo Your Shot – How to get featured?

Nat Geo Your Shot For photographers actively posting on Instagram, getting featured on verified accounts with millions of followers is a great first step to getting noticed. If you’re shooting wildlife, landscapes, or documentary photography, one of the best Instagram accounts to start targeting is National Geographic Your Shot with their handle @natgeoyourshot. This is a National Geographic’s community of photographers. Many of them share… Read More »Nat Geo Your Shot – How to get featured?

Dubai Photography Featured

Dubai Photography – Journey of a Travel Photographer in UAE

Did you know that the UAE is a monarchy consisting of 7 emirates? Dubai is one of them. If you have ever visited the Emirates, you have probably been to Dubai or even Abu Dhabi. During my time traveling through the UAE, I never imagined I’d fall in love with the many different or less known parts of the Emirates. Yet everywhere you go, there… Read More »Dubai Photography – Journey of a Travel Photographer in UAE

SEO For Photographers

SEO For Photographers

Are you a photographer who built your website, uploaded incredible images for the world to see, and then patiently waited to find your site ranking on the first page of google searches? Well, that was me, ten years ago. And as you may have guessed, you cannot just start ranking in google searches without a lot of behind-the-scenes magic. A kind of magic that prompts… Read More »SEO For Photographers

Perito Moreno Glacier Travel Photography

Travel Photographer

Traveling can open you up to a million new experiences you’ve never dreamed of. Whether you are a college student wishing to expand your knowledge of the world or a senior citizen scouting out places you may have yet to cross off your bucket list, traveling can provide fulfillment in unimaginable ways. Personally, I love to immerse myself in cultures other than my own. I… Read More »Travel Photographer

Guy On The Window Documentary Photography

Philadelphia Documentary Photographer

In this blog, I will tell you why I am your ideal documentary photographer in Philadelphia. We all appreciate a good story, one that grips our attention with creative writing, and one that features photography accompanying the text which lures us to uncover more of the story. Over the years I have witnessed how photography has evolved and impacted the readership of different newspapers and… Read More »Philadelphia Documentary Photographer

Sand Dunes Abstract Fine Art Photography

Expert Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer

Are you looking for a Philadelphia fine art photographer, one with experience and expertise at creating unique commissioned artwork? Would you like to purchase nature abstract photography art for your business reception area or office space? No matter what your fine art requirement is, I got your back! As an expert in the field of fine art photography and printing, I use my experience and… Read More »Expert Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer