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Cyberpunk processed image of Seoul, South Korea, sold as an NFT.

Are Photographs a NFT?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the photography community today is… Are photographs a NFT? The answer is a short, three letter word, YES. While the popular trend of selling digital assets, a non-fungible token, has taken the world by storm recently with mostly animated art or illustrations, there is certainly no question that photography is and will be a popular NFT to buy and… Read More »Are Photographs a NFT?

NatGeoChannel_Logo - Shea Winter

National Geographic Your Shot Photographer 📸💥

How did I get featured on National Geographic instagram accounts? I am incredibly humbled and honored to have joined the alumni of awesome photographers across the globe who have contributed images to #natgeoyourshot and #NGTUK. This March proved to be a very successful month for my social media account as I had two photographs featured on National Geographic Accounts.  Both @natgeoyourshot and @natgeotraveluk published images… Read More »National Geographic Your Shot Photographer 📸💥

History of Photography, Shea Winter Photography, Vintage Cameras, Antique Cameras

History of Photography

A Brief History of Photography and how the Camera has Shaped our World, from Ancient texts to the Digital Revolution… On a recent trip to Gyeongju, South Korea, I was completely in awe after stumbling upon an antique camera shop. Seeing these vintage cameras and photographs helped remind me of my appreciation for film in my college days.  Inspired by the past and all things… Read More »History of Photography

USA, Circa in 1957 By Shea Winter

Vintage Postal Stamp Collection

The Inspiration: Having always marveled at the intaglio technique used to create vintage postage stamps, I decided to apply this style of print making to my photographs.  Inspired in particular by the monochromatic U.S. postage stamps from the early 1920s, I undertook the task of transforming my landscape pictures how I imagine J. Eissler & E.M Hall might have interpreted them. The Technique: This method… Read More »Vintage Postal Stamp Collection

Lotte World Tower Seoul Korea By Shea Winter

10 Reasons to Quarantine and Visit South Korea in 2021

NEW YEAR, NEW TRAVELS Often overlooked as a top-travel destination, South Korea is steeped in stunning vistas, cultural landmarks, and an opportunity to travel back in time to explore the country’s imperial past. From witnessing Gyeongbokgung Palace’s changing of the guards’ ceremony in the cosmopolitan capital city of Seoul to mandarin-picking in Jeju, here are ten reasons why visiting South Korea does not need to… Read More »10 Reasons to Quarantine and Visit South Korea in 2021

How-To-Start-A-Photography-Business-In-Dubai-UAE By Shea Winter


Living in the United Arab Emirates is an amazing and rewarding experience.

However, setting up a photography business in Dubai can feel overwhelming.

There are several ways to go about it, from hiring a paid consultancy to navigate the system, or doing it all by your lonesome.

To understand my business inside and out, I chose to go through the process alone. This proved incredibly beneficial and cost friendly. Especially because once I chose SHAMS (Sharjah Media City) as my trade license provider, I had the 24/7 support of their Business Development and Customer Care Team.