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Expert Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer

Are you looking for a Philadelphia fine art photographer, one with experience and expertise at creating unique commissioned artwork? Would you like to purchase nature abstract photography art for your business reception area or office space? No matter what your fine art requirement is, I got your back!

As an expert in the field of fine art photography and printing, I use my experience and creativity during every commissioned photoshoot to deliver the best imaginable artwork to my clients. My artistic integrity is displayed throughout the entire process. From planning to execution and finally, the printing and careful delivery of your artwork.

Whether the project is about street photography or abstract fine art photography, I have the experience and knowledge to create a precision work of art or series of art to suit your needs. I’ve been fortunate enough to have clients refer to my photography as both eye-catching and stunning pieces of artwork.

My Fine Art Photography Workflow

After every photoshoot, I carefully edit all of the original photographs, selecting only the very best images. I will then re-examine every aspect and detail of each individual photo, retouching as required to meet the predetermined expectations. When necessary, I will apply custom color grading to give the images a warm, natural, cool, or elegant look, depending on the design and colors in your location and the ambiance you are striving to create.

It’s important to focus on complementary colors of the walls and artwork. Especially when hanging work in both public and private viewing spaces. This is something I consider from the beginning of any commission.

Here at Shea Winter Photo, I also handle various tasks such as fine art digital photo printing. That way you know you are getting the complete package from a single source. Since I don’t outsource any part of the job, it ensures that the same high-quality standard is used constantly. From the creation and editing of photos to the fine art printing process.

All my work has the quality of archival art prints. And it uses museum-quality paper and ink. Result of this is artwork that is meant to be long-lasting. But before you consider hiring me for your fine art project, let me tell you a bit about abstract and fine art photography.

Sand Road Abstract Fine Art Photography

What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine-art photography is a more conceptual or non-objective type of photography. One that allows the artist to use the camera medium to create emotional and thoughtful artwork. The artist is free to experiment in a variety of possibilities to bring the concepts together. It is all portrayed in a way that is engaging and enticing to the viewers.

Fine art photography will often leave the viewer looking deeply at the work, pondering different aspects of the imagery. In the medium of fine art photography, the camera is used as a tool to initiate the creation of a piece of artwork.  It is followed by the full retouching to bring a vision from conception to your wall. The results of fine art photography may be profoundly serious or lighthearted.

Once you have viewed some of the work on my site, you will sense the passion and creativity I put into every photography. If you choose to hire me as your Phoenixville fine art photographer, I will work tirelessly to provide you the highest quality services and incredible artwork as a result.

Clouds and Moon Abstract Fine Art Photography

What is Abstract Photography?

Abstract photography can be difficult to grasp and define at first. With abstract photography, even the most ordinary object is represented in a distinctly fresh and artistic way. Photographers can translate figurative subjects into picturesque abstract forms.
An abstract photograph often depicts a visual image with little immediate association to the actual object captured.

For example, the artist may concentrate on photographing a fragment of a natural landscape. Thus eliminating the overtly obvious context where the photograph was taken. Each abstract piece of art created is a unique photograph incorporating parts of a bigger and broader scene. As an abstract photographer in Pennsylvania, I often focus on capturing unique shapes, textures, forms, shadows, light, or colors to express a feeling or sensation.

Abstract photography relies on strong lines and shapes, composition, contrasts, complementary colors, and color tone variation. Its goal is to build a visual story out of something ordinary or mundane. In the best-case scenario, a piece of abstract artwork gives way to a thought-provoking response from the viewer. This allows elements of the work to be left open to interpretation.

Photographers continue to expand the boundaries of abstract photography beyond the simple straightforward capture of an object. The goal is to show a familiar object in an unfamiliar way. This is done through the artistic use of light, detail, lines, and carefully executed composition.

Abstract Fine Art Photography in Philadelphia, USA By Shea Winter Roggio

Photography Commissions in Philadelphia

Do you have a vision for an art piece that would fit perfectly in your home or office, but you cannot find it anywhere? Luckily, I have a solution for you.

I recently started offering photography commissions in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Using your instructions, I can create stunning artwork guided by your vision. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, abstract fine art photography will be a style perfect for you. With my commissioned photography photos, you can rest assured that you will be impressed and fascinated with the final delivery.

I consider myself not only a Philadelphia fine art photographer, but one that covers Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey as well. I am personally a Phoenixville photographer based in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. However, I find great joy and honor when hired to travel out of state and across the country to create customized artwork for you.

Whether you are a private collector, business owner, or simply want to mount a masterpiece at home, I am happy to work with you and understand your artistic requirements. After a short conversation and understanding your intention for the artwork and exactly where it will be displayed, we can begin taking the project to the next level.

Parking Lot Abstract Fine Art Photography

What can you expect from a commissioned fine art photograph?

Once you encounter a fine art print or abstract piece of art, you will appreciate how unique and inventive it is. That is because experienced artists and photographers have a strong eye for composition, lighting, shapes, textures, patterns, the rule of thirds, and color.

I will commit myself fully to understanding your expectations and delivering a piece of artwork that exceeds your desires. I offer everything from small, medium, and large prints, so that based on where you will display the artwork, we can find a perfect size to fit within your space.

When you combine this unique and artist-driven style of photography with the beauty and quality of the final print, the result is an incredible piece of art for your collection.

Below you can see my abstract and fine art gallery. The entire collection of abstract work is available in print forms using museum-quality archival pigment and paper. All of my photographs are produced using high-end digital cameras and lenses. Those tools combined with my level of creativity will ensure your home or business is filled with abstract and fine artwork. Artwork that is a positive and striking addition to your décor.

Please take the time to explore my selection of abstract works for sale. Additionally, you may hire me to create one for you based on your personal preferences.

Modern Building Abstract Fine Art Photography
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