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Philadelphia Cinematographer

Cinematography is more than just a job or a hobby. It’s an art in itself, and to do it well requires experience and expertise. A filmmaker is not content with merely capturing a scene; the lighting, lenses, camera angles and composition must all compliment the story. A professional filmmaker spends time building the frame perfectly with every detail in place. He does so seeking the maximum intended impact on the viewer. Because of this, hiring an expert local Philadelphia Cinematographer is the best way to get the kind of professionalism and first-class service your business needs. If you want to know why I think I am a great Philly videographer, please check out my portfolio. There are samples from television advertisements to corporate identity videos, and I believe you will find something that interests you.

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Why Hire a Local Philadelphia Cinematographer?

It may seem obvious to you, but a lot of people who need a cinematographer don’t realize the value in choosing a local videographer. For those who are unsure, let me answer the question of why you should hire a local cinematographer. There are many reasons to do so. For example, the most obvious is that you’ll stay within a fixed budget. Additionally, cinematographer local to the area will know how best to navigate any challenges that arise while shooting. If you hire me to help produce and shoot your next corporate video, you can expect to get results that will go beyond your expectations. I’m able to help you showcase your project or business through a well-thought out and carefully designed video or commercial. We all know the value of a good video as a medium. Especially to transfer ideas and introduce your brand to the world. That’s why choosing a local Philadelphia Cinematographer would be a smart idea.

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A Philadelphia Video Production Company

As an experienced videographer in Philadelphia, I can offer a wide variety of services. To date I have worked on many different projects, from documentary event coverage to corporate identity and branding videos. In Philadelphia, I work with my cousin, Dax Roggio, and his video production company Packafoma Films. We offer a family team of seasoned local video professionals who are each a master in their own field. Together we created a successful television advertisement for Drexel University. Also, we completed a documentary video for the Nature Conservancy, and have shot music videos and more.

We are trained to handle any size production, whether a mom-and-pop business or a fortune 500 company. So if you are looking for a new videographer in the Philadelphia area, I’ll be excited to hear from you and to discuss ways we can collaborate. I’ll provide you the best possible video-related services you can find in the area and will strive to exceed all your expectations.

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My services as a Videographer in Philadelphia

If you are looking for a local Philadelphia videographer, I can definitely help you. I started my journey in this industry by studying cinematography at the University of California. Since then, I’ve been working in the industry and delivering creative videos to a variety of customers for many years. I will work with you from the conception of your idea to the final execution and edit. Thereby making sure we capture the images and vibe you are seeking. You can rest assured that I will deliver a flawless final product that we can both be proud of. While there are lot of folks in Philadelphia offering video production services, once you have perused my film and video portfolio I think you will understand why I consider myself among the best in the city of brotherly love.

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Corporate Video Production Philadelphia

Are you running a business that has a need to showcase new products or services? Or perhaps it is time for a new commercial. If you’re serious about your final results, you need a corporate video production company that will produce a video which effectively communicates your message to all who see it. That is exactly what we do. We specialize in corporate videos, and we’re experts at making videos that will grab the attention of viewers and keep them engaged.

Let us help you with your business. Let us be part of your marketing efforts to bring in more customers and sales. By reaching out to a larger audience, your profits will likely increase. Since I own a business myself, I know very well the importance of marketing budgets and making sure you get the maximum return on your investment.

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My Previous Philadelphia Cinematography Jobs

Over the years I have worked on local cinematography projects and National and International cinematography production. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with many different clients. These include travel companies, small businesses, real estate companies and shipping and logistics companies.

Some clients approach a project with a completely scripted idea which is one option. While others are more open to improvising on location as we go along. Whichever type of client you are, I can work with you and help evolve your ideas to guarantee that your unique vision will come through in the final edit of your video. Let me help you with what you want to achieve. Once we’ve had a chance to connect and I understand your vision and the end goals for your video, I will present an outline of exactly how these expectations can be met along with pricing for your video production.

Here you can see a sample of my videos. The rest of my portfolio can be found on my Philadelphia Cinematography Gallery Page.

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Unique and creative ideas are the lifeblood of any business. If you have a creative idea for your brand or business, you have a head start on many others. I can be the Philadelphia cinematographer will help you evolve your vision into a video that will do justice for your business. So, whether it is for social media, websites, corporate identity or branding, connect now to learn how best I can assist you.

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