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Still Life Photography | Dubai, UAE

Still life and product photography of souvenirs in Dubai.

The pandemic and loss of work has given me time to photograph and archive some of the intriguing mementos I have picked up on my 3 year journey in Dubai.  If souvenirs could talk, or better tell a story, here are a few of my favorites that would begin piecing together mine: the marble handcrafted elephants from Mumbai, a hand-painted ostrich egg from Petra, a Royal Selangor cup from Kuala Lumpur, a mother of pearl divider from Seoul, a rock from Al Faya Mountain, a 500 gram can of tuna from Torino, a wood carved reindeer from Dresden, the dice from Italy, an archeological stone from Wadi al-mujib, a bar of honey soap from Mauritius and my favorite, the GoPro after falling 40 stories off my balcony.  Quite an amazing time these past 3 years have been in this majestic place.