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Canon Camera Accessories – What is in my Bag?

My Canon Accessories I’ve been using Canon camera gear from the time that I purchased my first Canon DSLR before college. Since then, I’ve moved through at least a half dozen of Canon’s digital cameras as technology advanced, most recently transitioning into the Canon mirrorless bodies. I’ve always held an “evolve or die” philosophy. That is why I was an early adopter of the digital… Read More »Canon Camera Accessories – What is in my Bag?

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History of Photography

A Brief History of Photography and how the Camera has Shaped our World, from Ancient texts to the Digital Revolution… On a recent trip to Gyeongju, South Korea, I was completely in awe after stumbling upon an antique camera shop. Seeing these vintage cameras and photographs helped remind me of my appreciation for film in my college days.  Inspired by the past and all things… Read More »History of Photography