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Dubai Photography – Journey of a Travel Photographer in UAE

Did you know that the UAE is a monarchy consisting of 7 emirates? Dubai is one of them. If you have ever visited the Emirates, you have probably been to Dubai or even Abu Dhabi. During my time traveling through the UAE, I never imagined I’d fall in love with the many different or less known parts of the Emirates. Yet everywhere you go, there… Read More »Dubai Photography – Journey of a Travel Photographer in UAE

Perito Moreno Glacier Travel Photography

Travel Photographer

Traveling can open you up to a million new experiences you’ve never dreamed of. Whether you are a college student wishing to expand your knowledge of the world or a senior citizen scouting out places you may have yet to cross off your bucket list, traveling can provide fulfillment in unimaginable ways. Personally, I love to immerse myself in cultures other than my own. I… Read More »Travel Photographer

USA, Circa in 1957 By Shea Winter

Vintage Postal Stamp Collection

The Inspiration: Having always marveled at the intaglio technique used to create vintage postage stamps, I decided to apply this style of print making to my photographs.  Inspired in particular by the monochromatic U.S. postage stamps from the early 1920s, I undertook the task of transforming my landscape pictures how I imagine J. Eissler & E.M Hall might have interpreted them. The Technique: This method… Read More »Vintage Postal Stamp Collection


Haeundae Traditional Market – Busan 🇰🇷📸

Street vendors at the infamous Haeundae Traditional Market in Busan, have become an integral part of Korea’s mouth-watering food culture. Conveniently located near Haeundae Beach, the street food market is the perfect place to experience authentic Korean culture firsthand – through an abundance of sights, scents & flavors. For the adventurous, you can try the pigs feet and eel. For the less travelled, enjoy the… Read More »Haeundae Traditional Market – Busan 🇰🇷📸

Dubai Hot Air Balloon By Shea Winter


A lot of people ask what are the best locations to photograph in UAE. The answer is simple, but long. After living 4 years in the country, I wanted to share my 20 best locations to photograph in UAE. Below are must see locations for all photographers. All assessable from Dubai, the most popular tourist destination in the Middle East. ???????????? 1. Balloon Adventures (Dubai… Read More »20 BEST PHOTO SPOTS IN UAE 🇦🇪📸💥

Dubai Creek Harbour Photography

Dubai Creek Harbour | EMAAR | UAE

The always fashionable Dubai Creek Harbour (a residential and commercial project developed by Emaar Properties) with deserted concrete during the covid-19 pandemic and Ramadan 2020.

St. Charle’s Church, locally referrred to as Karlskirche, in Vienna, Austria at sunset.

Klimt Pilgrimage | Vienna, Austria

During a recent ‘Klimt Pilgrimage’ to Vienna I was able to spend a few days traveling the country and shooting pictures. Below are images of the Hundertwasser House (one of Vienna’s most visited conceptual buildings and part of Austria’s cultural heritage), Karlskirche (referred to as St. Charles Church), The Belvedere Museum Vienna (home of Gustav Klimt’s famous paintings), Aggstein Castle (sitting 300 meters above the… Read More »Klimt Pilgrimage | Vienna, Austria

Burj Al Arab By Shea Winter Photography

Burj Al Arab | Dubai, UAE

I’m so thankful to live in the greatest city on earth (aside from Philadelphia) with a never ending treasure trove of photographic locations. This image was shot from Rixos the Palm at sunset, capturing 3 prestigious locations in one shot: Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Khalifa.