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Why I Want To Go To Japan?

I have visited many corners of the world during my lifetime, and I’ve seen amazing things and met interesting people that I will never forget. I explored the mountain valleys of Austria, deserts of UAE, ancient towns of Italy, and even called South Korea my home for a while. But there is one place I dreamed of but never got the chance to see – Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. In this blog post I will tell you why I always wanted to visit Japan.

Mount Fuji Poster from Winter Museo

Why Visit Japan?

Japan always felt like a distant exotic country for a couple of reasons. I still remember watching ninja and samurai movies as a kid. They depicted a beautiful, mysterious land with breathtaking nature and honorable people. And as I was growing up, I became more and more fascinated with Japan. Learning that many high-tech devices were made in Japan and playing Japanese video games made me think of Japan as a country from the future. Once I started working in photography, my love and appreciation for Japan and its ingenious people grew even more. Because of all this, Japan has always been very high on my list of countries to visit, but other aspects of work and life got in the way. These are my thoughts on why to visit Japan. I am sure many of you will have your own reasons since, after all, there is so much to see and do in Japan. History, culture, food, sightseeing, nightlife, shopping, Japan has something for everyone.

Tokyo Poster from Winter Museo

Planning a trip to Japan

I am currently planning a trip to Japan for my family and me. We plan to visit in the early part of next year. You might wonder why I am planning it so much in advance. Well, there are many things to take into consideration with a trip such as this one. We’ll be going there for over two weeks. I want to find affordable flights and hotels with good locations. Also, I prefer to create a perfect itinerary so that I don’t miss any key locations. There are many cool things in Japan, some that I have probably never heard of.

As you can see, planning a trip to Japan for the first time can be overwhelming. That is why I prefer to start early and have knowledgeable help along the way. I worked closely with the guys behind Japanko Official. They are true experts, and they offer a Japan travel planning service which I love.

Nagano Poster from Winter Museo

Unique places in Japan

As I said before, there are many unique places in Japan that I want to visit and photograph myself. It is hard to list all of them, but I will name a few. In Tokyo, I want to get lost in the streets of Shinjuku and visit small bars and restaurants. From Tokyo, I hope to go on day trips to surrounding places like Kamakura and Hakone. I also wish to take the shinkansen to Kyoto and pass by the iconic Mount Fuji. In Kyoto, I want to meet the Geisha, wander the ancient streets, and explore the historic temples. And along the way I want to experience as much Japanese food as I can! These are just some of the unique and unusual places in Japan and things you can only do in Japan. I am sure you will love them as well.

Osaka Poster from Winter Museo

My Dream of taking pictures in Japan

Taking pictures in Japan has always been high on my professional wish list. And with this trip, I will combine both pleasure and business and accomplish that goal.

Japan travel photos have become immensely popular on social media. One great example is the account Japanko Official I mentioned before. Now I want to create my own content and find the best Japan photo spots. The countryside is full of famous locations like the Chureito Pagoda, with views of Mount Fuji or the iconic Narai-juku village in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. I will definitely set aside some time to explore the rural areas, but I will be in the big cities most of the time. First, I began looking for the best photos spots in Tokyo. I have already discovered the Tokyo Skytree and Golden Gai alleys in Shinjuku. Tips from friends and Google have helped me a lot. I did the same for Kyoto and Osaka, two cities I look forward to visiting. Right now, I have an excel sheet with the best photo spots in Japan that is ready for my trip. However, there is another reason why I decided to create that list.

Matsumoto Castle from Winter Museo

Japan Travel Posters

As many of you know, I am the founder of Winter Museo, an online destination for eye-catching posters and limited-edition fine art prints. I am really proud of my work and the collection of art I have gathered. Please check it out if you haven’t already. Now back to Japan.

Ever since I started Winter Museo, I knew that I would eventually create a Japan poster collection. I have finally accomplished that goal. We created this breathtaking collection by combining the research I did for my trip and the knowledge of two experts from Japanko Official and Japan Dailies. It features posters of many of Japan’s most iconic locations. Each location comes in several variants, such as day and night or winter and spring. If you are a fan of Japan, I am sure you will love them.

My fascination with Japan is so great that one collection was not enough. We also made a Japan Neon Poster Collection that depicts the same iconic places only in a neon/cyberpunk style. I am sure you have never seen a cyberpunk Mount Fuji! Feel free to check it out!

Tokyo Neon Poster from Winter Museo


I am not sure when exactly I will finally visit Japan, but as you can all see, my plans are already in place. Japan is a wonderful country that everyone should experience. If you didn’t plan on visiting Japan, I hope this blog post changed your mind and that you now know why I want to go to Japan and why I created the Japan Posters Collection. 

Hakone Poster from Winter Museo
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