Portrait Photography

As a professional portrait photographer in Philadelphia who works internationally, I have had the privilege of taking photographs of some of the most recognizable personalities in the world.

Bradley Cooper, Georgina Chapman, Ethan Hawke, Jay Wright, Danny Bonaduce, Rescue Ink, and Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama — just to name a few.

Whether I’m shooting A-list celebrities, global leaders or strangers on the street, my mission remains the same. My intention is to come up with a body of images that are authentic, impactful and sometimes even fun.

Portrait Photographer

Working with top global editorial teams, magazines, newspapers and photo editors reinforced my process: to approach photographic portraiture as a way of seeing and presenting the subject’s story on a deeper level.

From choosing the ideal concept and establishing a good working relationship with the subject to making the most out of the location and using the right equipment, I’ll take care of your end-to-end needs in portrait photography in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Let’s discuss our next collaborative project. Contact me today.