Travel Photography - South Korea

South Korea is a country in which you have an opportunity to photograph street scenes, landscapes, cultural landmarks and unique portraits of people wearing traditional clothing. When you visit South Korea, you will find it’s a country full of natural and historical wonders, with never-ending photo opportunities around every corner.

Photography spots in South Korea are found throughout the country, from the Korean Demilitarized Zone in the north to the Busan Port, the largest shipping port in the south. No matter which direction you head in Korea and no matter which means of transportation you travel, amazing photography moments exist in this destination.

Travel Photographer

Travel photography is one of the more general terms used to describe a genre of photography. This is because it combines many different areas of photography – for example street, landscape, food, portrait, adventure and even architecture photography. That’s why it takes a lot of research, planning, knowledge, and experience to excel at destination photography and deliver stunning images in all aspects.

However, travel photography is unique and stands out from all other genres of photography. Its purpose goes beyond just shooting a perfect photo of different scenes within a given destination. The main goal of travel photography is to tell a story, to inspire and importantly, to educate people on the diversity of our wonderful planet.

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