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National Geographic Your Shot Photographer 📸💥

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How did I get featured on National Geographic instagram accounts?

I am incredibly humbled and honored to have joined the alumni of awesome photographers across the globe who have contributed images to #natgeoyourshot and #NGTUK.

This March proved to be a very successful month for my social media account as I had two photographs featured on National Geographic Accounts.  Both @natgeoyourshot and @natgeotraveluk published images of mine that were taken in Busan, South Korea.

Since the photos were published, I’ve received a lot of direct messages from photographers asking one question…  How did I get featured on National Geographic instagram accounts?  With that question in mind, I chose to write a short blog about my good fortune of being recognized on these incredible and influential photography accounts.

The clear and simple answer here is that content is key.  If you’re creating eye catching photographs you have a good chance of drawing the attention of photo editors at such esteemed accounts.  However with over 7.2 million posts under #yourshotphotographer, you may also feel it’s easy to get overlooked.

I spent 6 months posting on instagram using National Geographic hashtags before having an image chosen as an Editor’s Pick for the Your Shot Photographer account.  At the time my image was selected, I was posting two photographs per day, often in mornings and evenings.  I have no doubt this consistency helped boost my @sheawinterphoto account in instagrams algorithm and consequentially, boost my overall post exposure.

When posting images with the hope of getting featured, it’s very important to follow the account you’d like to be featured in.  This seemingly obvious action is often overlooked.  But you should not expect to be featured if you’re not following the account you want to impress.  Just as important is engaging with the content on these accounts.  Liking and commenting on posts that inspire you is a great way to show the account you’re an active member in their community.

Lastly always use the appropriate hashtags and relevant caption information. You want the photograph on your instagram feed to get as many likes and follows as possible, increasing the chances of it being shown in the explore tab of instagram.  If you concentrate on using not just high competition hashtags, but medium and low competition hashtags you will have a higher success rate.

In summary, here are 5 great tips to get photography features on your favorite instagram accounts:


  1. Create unique and inventive imagery
  2. Consistency is key (post at least once a day)
  3. Follow the accounts you’re hoping to be featured on
  4. Engage with their content by liking and commenting
  5. Use relevant hashtags and captions in your feed posts


If you enjoyed this post or have additional questions, please follow me on my instagram account @sheawinterphoto and direct message me.


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Below are the two images published on National Geographic Instagram Accounts in March, 2021.






American artist Shea Winter Roggio is a documentary fine art photographer based in Philadelphia, PA, and the CEO of Winter Museo.  An alumni of both the University of the Arts and an Eddie Adams Workshop, Shea offers limited edition, fine art prints, all hand signed to art collectors worldwide on his art photography gallery shop.





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    1. Hey Andy! Glad you found this post about getting featured on National Geographic Photography instagram accounts helpful.

  1. This was very helpful, thank you. I’ve been tryin to get photographs of mine featured on different Instagram accounts for a while now. I’m definitely gonna take some of your advise and see if that helps get my images published.

  2. Thank you! This is great information for any photographer who wants to get featured on NatGeo Your Shots instagram account.

  3. Hi, I’m Jennifer, a photographer based in Canada. I’ve been posting using the hashtag #natgeoyourshot but I don’t see my images in the search for this hashtag, even after I publish. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. I’ve been trying to get featured on National Geographic Your Shot photographers account for over a year now, but have had no luck. Should I continue posting using their hashtag #yourshotphotographer? I’m feeling discouraged, but will try using some of the engagement techniques you’ve mentioned.

  5. Happy to have found a post giving such clear tips on how to get featured on NatGeo Your Shot. Awesome info, and you shoot great photographs Shea!!!

  6. Super post for photographers interested in getting published on National Geographic Your Shot instagram account! Hard to find people giving away such great tips, thank you!

  7. This was really helpful Shea, thank you. I’ve been trying to get published on National Geographic your shot for months now, without luck. Today I will begin incorporating some of the techniques you mentioned in your blog. Really appreciate the candor here. Cheers, David.

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