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Your Ideal Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

People forget about past events in their lives easily. Fortunately, you can create a treasure trove of memories to be revisited at will, lending each special moment eternal life. Photographs are the most powerful method for bringing back what is past. I’ve been working as a Philadelphia wedding photographer for many years, and I’ve discovered one sure thing about weddings.

Most weddings are expected, some of them are unexpected, but all of them are extraordinary. You want the events of the day to be available to you in some form, for years to come. You will be able to do that if you follow my directions. In every frame, I’ll try to capture the honest emotions, the special events and the individuality of your wedding day.

There is one thing that I’m most proud of and it’s that I’ve been told many times that my photos take people back to their special day and they enjoy reliving each intricate detail of the day. This Philadelphia wedding photographer blog post is here to show you why you should choose me as your wedding photographer.

Wedding Celebration Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer in Philadelphia

There are a lot of wedding photographers in Philadelphia. I’m sure that it’s a difficult decision to choose one of them who will be responsible for capturing the timeless and unique moments that will make your wedding day special. The magic of wedding photography results from an honest and trustworthy photographer who cares about you and appreciates the joy and love inherent in your special day.

I will be there working quietly in the background, paying attention to detail and I will make sure that your wedding photographs caringly and accurately reflect the special moments and emotions of your wedding day.

I understand how expensive a wedding can be, so compared to the current market you may find I am one of the more inexpensive wedding photographers in Philadelphia. I am sure we will be able to agree on a price point that will satisfy both of us.

Married Couple Wedding Photography

Why I Enjoy Working on Intimate Weddings in Philadelphia?

Intimate Philadelphia Weddings are one of my favorite gigs. I just love the feel of small and unique wedding venues that Philadelphia and the Philadelphia suburbs has to offer. Small weddings are a much more personal affair and that is apparent in my photos, where I strive to capture the spontaneous laughter, the tears and celebration of your loved ones, the love and vision you and your spouse aspire to.

The small, intimate wedding can be more personal and emotional than the extensive weddings, which may be magnificent in their own way. However with a small, intimate wedding we can organize more easily and ensure that everyone gets sufficient coverage.

If you are a person who hopes to organize their own low-cost wedding in Philadelphia or have a unique idea for an artistic wedding, I feel certain our collaboration will be a successful one.

Married Couple Wedding Photography

Best Camera and Lenses for Weddings

It is true that camera and lenses are just a tool for your photographer to use for capturing your wedding day. However just as you would not allow a doctor to operate on you with a razor blade, you do want your Pennsylvania wedding photographer equipped with up to date Digital SLRs and professional lenses. I use Canon cameras and lenses by choice, having invested in the new Canon R5 cameras and a bunch of Canon L series lenses. 

For wedding photography in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania I use the Canon R5 camera body and primarily the RF 15-35mm 2.8, the RF 24-70mm 2.8, the RF 85mm 1.2, the RF 70-200mm 2.8 and a Macro lens for the closeup details of the rings. Shooting digitally is most common these days, however there is still a lot of value in the fine art of film photography.

Keep in mind that if your photographer captures the images on a DSLR, it’s much more likely you will be receiving the digital copies of your photographs in a reasonable time frame. I deliver all retouched high-resolution images from your wedding day within 2-4 weeks of the event.

Newlyweds On Carousel Philadelphia Wedding Photography

Wedding Videography in Philadelphia

I enjoy creating inspired and artistic wedding videos that dynamically capture the magical moments of your wedding day. Wedding videography in Philadelphia is one of the things that I’ve been doing for a long time and I have developed strong technical skills and a creative vision that insures I will produce a video you will want to watch over and over again.

There are many picturesque shooting spots in Philadelphia. I can use Philadelphia scenery to emphasize your personality as a couple. I will try to catch every kiss, laugh, and dance move of your wedding day as artistically as possible.

Engagement Photography in Philadelphia

Engagement photography is often underappreciated but actually plays a memorable part in the wedding process. Engagement photos can be very important for couples across the world. Whether you take them in a park, on top of a skyscraper, or in your backyard, you are sure to make absolute magic.  If you are looking for engagement photos in Philadelphia, the choices are so many that it may be difficult to choose a perfect spot. I can help you with all of that and we can work together to make that moment truly unforgettable. It will be a moment you will cherish forever, and with my help you will also have great photos to show your friends and family.

Do I work on weddings in Philadelphia only?

Of course not. Generally, I take on photography work all over eastern Pennsylvania, from my hometown of Phoenixville to places farther away such as Pittsburgh or Scranton. I also do wedding photography in the New York and New Jersey areas, so feel free to contact me even if you are not in Philadelphia. For special clients, I am open to traveling to other states.

Wedding Photography Gallery

Here you can view photos from some of the previous weddings I had the pleasure of photographing. As you can see, I cover a wide range of ceremony types in varied locations and wedding venues. Contact me today and let’s arrange our future collaboration.

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