Guy On The Window Documentary Photography

Philadelphia Documentary Photographer

In this blog, I will tell you why I am your ideal documentary photographer in Philadelphia. We all appreciate a good story, one that grips our attention with creative writing, and one that features photography accompanying the text which lures us to uncover more of the story. Over the years I have witnessed how photography has evolved and impacted the readership of different newspapers and… Read More »Philadelphia Documentary Photographer

Sand Dunes Abstract Fine Art Photography

Expert Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer

Are you looking for a Philadelphia fine art photographer, one with experience and expertise at creating unique commissioned artwork? Would you like to purchase nature abstract photography art for your business reception area or office space? No matter what your fine art requirement is, I got your back! As an expert in the field of fine art photography and printing, I use my experience and… Read More »Expert Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer

Wedding Celebration Wedding Photography

Your Ideal Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

People forget about past events in their lives easily. Fortunately, you can create a treasure trove of memories to be revisited at will, lending each special moment eternal life. Photographs are the most powerful method for bringing back what is past. I’ve been working as a Philadelphia wedding photographer for many years, and I’ve discovered one sure thing about weddings. Most weddings are expected, some… Read More »Your Ideal Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Cityscape Of South Korea Travel Photography

Korean Travel Photography – My Adventures in South Korea

My visit to South Korea was one of the wildest and most entertaining adventures of my life, and this collection of Korean travel photography is here to bring you at least a piece of that experience. It may come as a surprise, but I never expected to stay in Korea for such a long time. However, the circumstances of the global pandemic that we all… Read More »Korean Travel Photography – My Adventures in South Korea

Featured Philadelphia Headshot

Headshot Photographer | Philadelphia, PA

Why are professional headshots a good idea? As of recently, selfies have been replacing business headshots on websites, business profiles, and even CVs and resumes. Although they serve the purpose of putting a face on a name, professional headshot photography offers so much more than this. The impact of a well-made commercial headshot is much more effective than the one of an amateur photo. Most… Read More »Headshot Photographer | Philadelphia, PA

Cyberpunk processed image of Seoul, South Korea, sold as an NFT.

Are Photographs a NFT?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the photography community today is… Are photographs a NFT? The answer is a short, three letter word, YES. While the popular trend of selling digital assets, a non-fungible token, has taken the world by storm recently with mostly animated art or illustrations, there is certainly no question that photography is and will be a popular NFT to buy and… Read More »Are Photographs a NFT?

NatGeoChannel_Logo - Shea Winter

National Geographic Your Shot Photographer 📸💥

How did I get featured on National Geographic instagram accounts? I am incredibly humbled and honored to have joined the alumni of awesome photographers across the globe who have contributed images to #natgeoyourshot and #NGTUK. This March proved to be a very successful month for my social media account as I had two photographs featured on National Geographic Accounts.  Both @natgeoyourshot and @natgeotraveluk published images… Read More »National Geographic Your Shot Photographer 📸💥

History of Photography, Shea Winter Photography, Vintage Cameras, Antique Cameras

History of Photography

A Brief History of Photography and how the Camera has Shaped our World, from Ancient texts to the Digital Revolution… On a recent trip to Gyeongju, South Korea, I was completely in awe after stumbling upon an antique camera shop. Seeing these vintage cameras and photographs helped remind me of my appreciation for film in my college days.  Inspired by the past and all things… Read More »History of Photography